Flying Across America

Promoting General Aviation

Here we go…

In exactly one year from now, I’ll push the throttle of N512R and take-off from Daytona Beach, under Jason’s supervision. This will be the first of many legs of the coast to coast flight we prepare to promote General Aviation. We believe in the benefits of general aviation and want to spread the word.

We plan to fly from Daytona Beach, FL to Catalina Island, CA and back over three weeks in June and July 2010. Flying VFR in a Cessna 150 we’ll need 70 hours of flight. We’ll stop at small airfields and we’d love to meet you there. We call for all pilots and aviation enthusiasts who want to meet us and help making this mission a success.

This website is the central point where you’ll find more information about who we are, what are our goals, and how you can support us. We’ll blog here at least weekly during the preparation and daily during the flight. We’ve a lot of work in front of us and any support is welcome:

  • Define the route
  • Find enthusiasts to meet at each stop
  • Organize logistics for quick stops
  • Solve pilot certification questions (I’ve a European JAA license)
  • Organize my trip to Florida (airline ticket, visa, …)
  • Find partners for our giveaways
  • Promote this website

And before all, continue to fuel the discussion here. Comments are always welcome and don’t hesitate to contact us if you’ve an idea how to help us, want us to stop by you, or just say hello.

This project is more than just the flight itself. The flight will be the paramount of the project but we’ll also advocate here and on twitter (follow us as @FlyingAcrossUSA). We’ll also continue after the flight, General Aviation needs support these days…

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