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August giveaways: G1000 and GPS / WAAS CD-ROMs from Max Trescott

We’re really excited to announce this month’s giveaways: one G1000 CD-ROM course and one GPS and WAAS CD-ROM course, both from Max Trescott. The G1000 course covers both VFR and IFR operations. I can testify it’s a good one, I used my own copy to prepare for my G1000 training. You can read more about the courses on Each one is worth $99.95, but you now have a chance to get one for free!

Max gave us one copy of each course to support our project and we will give them away in one month. Sounds too good to be true ? Check this picture of Jason with the two courses… this is for real!

CD-ROM courses from Max Trescott, proudly presented by Jason

If you plan to train towards a G1000 adaptation, the G1000 course is what you need, and if you’re already G1000 qulified, you know there’s always something to learn… More about this course from

Now you can easily learn to master the Garmin G1000 without paying to run the Hobbs meter! This new, award winning CD-ROM course helps you build your proficiency at home, so that you’ll fly with greater confidence and increased safety. The course includes all of the information in our online training, but is updated to include information on the Garmin integrated autopilot and the Columbia 350 and 400 Engine System page. It includes two disks  for more than six hours of  VFR + IFR training.

What can the GPS and WAAS course teach you ? Here’s an extract of the course description from

Thousands of WAAS capable Garmin GPSs are shipping, but there is no easy way to learn all of the details of flying with WAAS. This new course teaches you to fly these approaches step-by-step, and shows you how many feet of obstacle clearance you have at ever point on the approach. Learn from two Master CFIs how to avoid the “gotchas” that can trick even experienced GPS pilots.

How can YOU win one of these courses? The rules are simple: anybody purchasing miles to support us between now and the 17th of August at 1900 GMT gets a chance to receive one of the courses. Even one single mile at $3.75 qualifies you! There is one chance per person, the odds are not affected by the number of purchases or the number of miles purchased. If you prefer to buy more than one mile, we’ve nothing against it. Please let us know after your purchase if you have a preference regarding the course you’d prefer to win.

Thanks a lot to Max for supporting our project. You can read more from him on www.g1000 and on his blog If you’re on Twitter, you can follow him as @MaxTrescott.

Good luck to all!

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