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Being a community - Book exchange in EAA AirVenture 2009

One of the General Aviation values we want to promote is solidarity amongst pilots. Let’s show the good example by supporting other events which animate the community. Fellow pilot and twitter @Av8rdan is organizing an event-in-the-event at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh. You can read details in the message below.

Dan PimentelIn planning my #OSH09 Tweetup, my original goal was just to meet some of the people I have “tweeted” with face to face. After I announced it, I quickly received maybe 10 RSVPs, and realized this might turn into a pretty popular event. I had planned to just stand around the back of the crowd at the Doobie Bros. concert Monday night, but my wife and business partner, Julie Celeste, suggested I have some sort of theme for the event, something for everyone to do while there. She suggest a book exchange.

I mentioned this book exchange idea to Dick Knapinski, who is in the EAA Press office, and he loved the idea. This morning he offered the Hospitality Tent outside the EAA Press Headquarters as a venue to use for the Tweetup because it has table and chairs we can use to sit and chat and also use for the book exchange.

The book exchange concept is quite simple. Bring as many used (or new?) aviation books as you care to, drop them onto the table, and this qualifies you to pick up an equal amount of other people’s books. Bring one, take one, bring five, take five, no charge and  it is entirely on the honor system.

I am already planning to bring a copy of “West with the Night: by Beryl Markham, and maybe one or two others.

This book exchange idea is already turning out to be quite popular based on emails and DMs I have received today. I look forward to meeting many of my blog readers at this event as well.

Link to the Tweetup page is:

Link to Dan’s blog is:

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