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Our eastwards route

Finding our eastwards route was easy, thanks to all our great twitter followers. We obviously plan to spend one day on Catalina Island meeting the team of Leaving the island will certainly be hard but the rest of the program is quite appealing:

Santa-Maria, where one of our supporters wants to start a “West Coast Adoption Group”. If you’re in the area and want to help, or feel like to start a support group at your airport, please contact us.

Las Vegas, an unavoidable stop, part of America’s legend. We’ve some informal contacts with some supporters there but no formal things defined for the time being.

Sedona, where we’ll stay at the Desert Rose Bed and Breakfast, at Cottonwood. The guys running it are aviation friendly and invited us to stay at preferential rate. It’s not sure now if we’ll land at Sedona airport or at Cottonwood. If some of you are living there and can give us a tip, you’re most than welcome.

Roswell, where some other foreigners landed, decades ago. We don’t have any plans there… for the time being. We’re sure that there’s a great aviation community there and try to get it touch with some of its members.

Austin, to stop by fellow twitter @jenniferwhitley who is an equity owner in, and corporate officer of, the coolest flying club in Texas: Chandelle Flying Club. Jen kindly invited us for lunch and we’ll certainly organize something with her club.

Lafayette, where we’ve been invited to stop by the Lafayette Conventions and Visitors Center. They reacted quickly on a tweet when we were looking for a stop. Being a native French speaker, I’m really looking forward to a stop there.

Pensacola, home of the Blue Angels. We’ll certainly spend some time at the Naval Aviation Museum and meet local pilots, like at all other stops.

Daytona Beach, the first and final destination, marking the end of this extraordinary trip across America. There are so many pilot schools on site and at nearby airports that organizing a cool event here will not be a problem. And this time, it’ll be more than just a quick stop, we promise!

Flying Across America - Eastward route

We need all possible support to make this flight an event and a success. You can make a difference and if you feel like joining, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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