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Route update, media reports an 4th of July

We decided to fly south of the Rocky Mountains but you are the ones defining our exact route. We stop where we are invited and we really look forward to spend time pleading for General Aviation and talking with aviation fans. Each stop is the opportunity to show our support to the local aviation community and is a chance to promote it.

We’ll start from Jason’s home base in Ocala, FL. The three first stops are Daytona Beach (FL), Destin (FL) and Baton-Rouge (LA). We then have a gap to fill. The next known part of the route is before and after the turn-around in Catalina: Prescott (AZ), Catalina Island (CA), Santa-Maria (CA), Las Vegas (NV). We are looking for stops between Baton-Rouge and Prescott and between Las Vegas and Daytona Beach on the way back. If you’re anyway near and want us to stop by, contact us.

It is likely that we’ll spend the evening of the 4th of July 2010 in Santa Maria (SMX), just after the turn around in Santa-Catalina. We’ll post with more details about what we’ll organize there as soon as possible.

Our project is taking shape but it’s still the starting phase. We do our best to get more attention and we got some great help this week. Benét Wilson from AviationWeek wrote a great post about us. The timing was so tight that I had to answers her questions per e-mail on my iPhone, while waiting for a plane. Typing all the text in the waiting area in Frankfurt was not exactly comfortable but it was worth the effort. This post was very good publicity and started a nice snowball effect. Her post was re-published in AOPA’s Aviation eBrief on the 1st of July. Next day, AvWeb flash posted about us as well.

Several bloggers also posted about us and we want to say thank you:,, and We know them personally and recommend to read them. Note that Vincent writes occasionally for Any help to spread the word is welcome, and we’re always happy to link back. Promoting General Aviation is a daily activity and linking back to blogs we like is part of it. Keep the links coming, aviation bloggers.

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