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Small things, Episode 1: AOPA Bank Account

Anyone can promote General Aviation, the possibilities are almost endless. If you don’t have time to organize a coast-to-coast flight to raise media attention and funds, we can propose something much, much easier. As pilot, you’re certainly member of AOPA. For non-aviation freaks, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association is a large, powerful association, with branches all over the world.

But do you know that as an AOPA member you can get a special bank account, via Bank Of America ? The best part is that each time you use this account, it generates some revenue for AOPA. How good is that ? All what it takes is to open the account and start using it. You can find all details on this easy way to support General Aviation on the AOPA’s page about Member Products. They offer a lot of other financial services, from credit cards to personal loans.

Needless to say, the account we use for this operation is such an account. Our own funds and your donations work together - not only for our project but also for AOPA.

You have other examples of small things that anyone can do to promote General Aviation ? Let us know…

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