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Westward route defined, working on the program…

Our flight planning is progressing rapidly. The main stops of our westward route are now defined and we work on organizing promotion activities at our stops. We need all possible support for this, so if you live anywhere near our stops and want to get involved in the project, contact us.

We’ll start from Ocala (OCF), where Jason’s aircraft is based. The first flight will be to Daytona Beach (DAB). This should be a quick stop, but an important one. Its purpose is to make our flight a real coast-to-coast one.

Next stop is Destin (DTS), where we’ll stop by our friends at Destin Jet. We’ve been in touch with them on twitter and per e-mail and we’re really looking forward to meet them in person. We’ll spend time there, meeting aviation enthusiasts from the Florida panhandle.

We’ll then fly to Baton Rouge (BTR) and meet one of our earliest and most active fan. We met him via Twitter as @Aerobrat. John already invested lot of energy and time to help us make this project come true.

Our next stop is also to a fellow Twitter follower, @t0r0nad0. PJ is the “Wings & Wheels Coordinator” at the 1940 Air Terminal Museum in Hobby airport in Houston (HOU). Join us there to tour the museum with us. By the way, these guys will give N7433A, a Cessna 172 to a lucky winner. You can buy tickets until the 17th of July. This is in 3 days, hurry up!

We’ll then fly to Sweetwater (SWW) in central Texas. Sweetwater is known as the home of WASPs and the WASP museum. More about the event there to come soon.

Next stop is Deming (DMN), New Mexico. We don’t have any plans there for the time being, so if you’re anywhere near, let us know.

After that, we’ll fly to Prescott, Arizona. Here again, on invitation of a pilot active on Twitter, @kristine_flies. The program there will certainly be linked to the ERAU campus…

Our final westward leg will be to Avalon, the airport in the sky on Catalina Island (AVX).

Flying Across America - Westward Route

We measured distances in straight lines in Google Earth, and it results in 2.100 nautical miles. Wow. Good to have supporters along the route. If you want to meet us at a stop or join with your aircraft for a leg, we’d love to have you along. The more we’ll be, the stronger our message!

Having the route defined is a great step forward, but what makes it better is to be in contact with real people at each stop, helping us. A warm thank you to all. If you want to join as well, you’re welcome. Remember, anyone can help, no only pilots.

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  2. Vincent Says:

    PJ, thanks for the correction. In the mean time, the guys at DestinJet told me that my code for Destin was wrong as well. Hopefully everything is correct now.

  3. PJ Gustafson Says:

    Thanks for the mention, but the identifier for Hobby is HOU. We look forward to having you!

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