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What you get for your money

So we will promote General Aviation and its values and need your help for this. But how? Why should you sponsor us? What will you get in return? Here are your answers.

The message we pass is made of four GA values: Friendship and solidarity - Self-development - Service - Fun. You can read more about this in the Goals page and we will post with more details on each later on. We also want to show that light aviation is not as expensive as many think and that it’s open to anyone.

We want to pass this message to improve the way General Aviation is perceived. Not at political level but by real people. This is why we want to meet locals where we stop. We can’t bear the idea that GA is a threat or a nuisance. We believe that those thinking so are not correctly informed and each stop will be the opportunity to spread the word.

Our target audience is not limited to pilots. We want to inform all those with any form of interest in aviation. We also want to address the general audience through local media and direct meetings where possible. Pilots are often confronted to questions and attacks from GA opponents. Answering them is not always easy and we build a strong pro-GA argumentation that can be re-used by anyone.

This website is the central point of our project. Here you can find updates about the preparation and about all promotion activities we undertake. We also use social media like Twitter and facebook to build a community of supporters. To reach a larger audience - and particularly persons outside the aviation community - we need attention from local media and this is why we fly this mythical route.

The flight is our way to get the media access we need to pass our message. No flight, no media - no media, no promotion.

Our activities are however not limited to the flight itself and will not stop right after it. Once it will be completed we will continue to use it and the memories we’ll collect to promote GA. We’ll blog here during the flight and will write more once it will be completed. You can expect a book and may be a DVD.

If you believe in the same values, please help us making this mission possible. You can use the yellow buttons on the right-hand side of this page to support us financially or visit the Support us page to learn more about other ways you can help.

We collect money to help us cover the costs of the flight, as complement to our own funds. We will donate any extra dollar to aviation oriented charities. To be fair, we really hope to collect more than what we need and to make a significant donation. This is why we do our best to reduce the costs and need your support.

So what do you get for your money? A General Aviation promotion campain through local media and events organized with our supporters.

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