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Being a community - The ForeFlight giveaway…

Few days ago, ForeFlight organized a giveaway on Twitter. The first five twitters to send “ForeFlight Charts rocks” got a free copy of ForeFlight Charts, an aviation charts tool for iPhone and iPod touch. We were online at the right time and got one.

We decided to organize our own give-away via twitter. The rule was simple: the author of the best comment in our guest book gets the ForeFlight Charts for free. The time was limited to one hour, and we got a handful of nice comments. Two of them were really good, and really close. We finally selected one, and announced it.

Few minutes later, we received a message from ForeFlight. They followed the whole story and kindly decided to give us a second copy of their software. Really cool. That’s the kind of pilot’s solidarity that’s makes aviation a true community. But the answer I got when I announced that was not exactly the one I anticipated.

The first winner was the first to react. She said us that she did gave her prize to the second because she found his comment was better!

This left me speechless. Such things make me proud of being a pilot, part of this extraordinary community, united across distance, culture, ages… If you’re not a pilot or an aviation fan, you really miss something. You can join at any time, just go to your local airport - there will surely be someone friendly and happy to welcome you.

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