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Budget update

Now that both our westward and eastward routes are defined it’s time to establish a detailed budget and give you an update on the project:

  • Vincent will pay his flight ticket from Frankfurt to Orlando using his own funds
  • Detailed calculations shown we can reduce the flight costs to $70 per hour
  • The total distance we’ll fly is 4450 Nautical Miles
  • At 80 knots (considering no wind…) this is approximately 56 hours
  • This corresponds to roughly $4.000
  • The mission will last over 20 days - one out of three days will be a reserve day
  • At $200 per day for food and accommodation this is another $4.000
  • With a 25% reserve (wind, unexpected factors …) this makes a total of $10.000

The first budget (4000 miles, 30 days, $100 / hour) was extremely conservative. This was to avoid having to increase the cost per mile later. Reaching our financial goal and not being able to get the mission accomplished would have been terrible. This new budget is closer to reality but still very conservative.

Removing the airline fee is not a risk as the money is there - thanks to Vincent’s decision not to fly until starting this mission. Note that if you’re an airlines miles millionaire and want to use them for this ticket, the money will be invested in the project anyway. The $4.000 for food and accommodation is also very conservative. Many of you already invited us for lunch or overnight. Even the flying costs are conservative as some supporters will provide us with free fuel.

We’ll update the budget in the “Support us” page but we don’t want to change the donation amounts so you can continue to buy miles at $3.75. This increases the chances that we make a large donation to one or more aviation charities after our flight.

From the income front we just passed the $600 mark. This includes your donations, benefits from apparel and mousepads sales and from our own funding. Compared to the remaining time, this corresponds to 6% of the goal within 12% of the time. Continue to spread the word about us to help us reach a wider audience. You can also print out some fliers and distribute them at your airport, office, everywhere. We have a US Letter and a DIN A4 version.

Thank you for your support - We do this flight for all of General Aviation and we like when you make it yours.

2 Responses to “Budget update”

  1. Vincent Says:


    thanks a lot for your comment, and you’re right we need food anyway. To be honest, the $200 per day allowance is a rough estimation. What we need before all is a place to sleep each night. We envisaged doing chair sleeping at FBOs en-route and eat giveaway cookies but this would not be healthy over such a long trip.

    We’re also looking for local supporters who can accommodate us overnight to also reduce this part of the budget. We’ve already received some invitations but if you’re somewhere near one of our stops and could help us, please let us know. We don’t want to take that in account in our budget at this moment to stay on the safe side. There are areas where finding two rooms for a night stop at $100 each is not easy, particularly at short notice.

    If everything goes well we should be able to reduce this part of the budget but we prefer to remain on the safe (pessimistic) side for the time being. We’ll refine this estimation later on when more details will be available, particularly regarding the planning.

  2. Tom Says:

    I understand the desire to raise funds to pay for the actual flight, but I can’t agree with including the money required for food while on this journey. Food is food and you’d need to pay for it whether you stay at home or take this trip. This expense is not part of the trip, per se. I would encourage you to reconsider what the real expenses are for the trip.

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