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A word from our giveaway winners

Our August giveaways winners are Keith Jones (@keithjjones) and Chandra Almond (@chandra_pearl). Both knew about our giveaway via Twitter, where they follow our account, @FlyingAcrossUSA.

Being the first winners, Keith being the first to be selected, he could choose between the two CD-ROM courses from Max Trescott and he decided to have the G1000. Chandra got the GPS & WAAS IFR CD-ROM course.

Keith sent us the following text, to be published as a message to all our supporters: “Vincent and Jason’s flight across the U.S. is a remarkable undertaking that demonstrates the power and flexibility of general aviation aircraft in a world dominated by commercial airlines.  I am happy to support their flight and encourage others to do so as well.  I am pleased and thankful for winning August’s drawing for Max Trescott’s CD-ROM from Jason and Vincent, and I look forward to seeing their adventure unfold.

We’ll very soon have new giveaways, but in a slightly different form. Stay tuned, continue to spread the word, and to buy miles. General Aviation needs promotion and you can help us to improve its image.

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