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If you think General Aviation pilots are rich yuppies playing around in expensive, noisy, and polluting toys, please consider the following story - interestingly published on September 11th…

Hurricane Jimena hit Baja in late August, destroying basic infrastructure like roads, power supply and telephone networks, water supply and damaging buildings. The rescue efforts were dramatically impaired by the lack of infrastructure. Who came to the rescue ? The Baja Bush Pilots group.

The group is organized to provide supply to the area when disasters strike the region. They operate from the Mulege airstrip which was in the path of Jimena. The available runway there was 2.200 feet. Who else than General Aviation could operate in this kind of conditions ?

They do this silently, not looking for fame or fortune. They just do a tough job in hard conditions to bring support to their community. Do you still think the same thing about General Aviation pilots ?

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