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Role Model: Bring new pilots to aviation

We recently got a comment from Joseph Geist about how the way General Aviation is perceived changed over the last years. Joe’s solo is now 42 years away, but he’s still a great supporter and promoted of General Aviation. His comment triggered a short e-mail discussion. One of his messages is so exactly representing the values that we want to promote and defend that I could not resist but publish it here (with Joseph’s authorization, of course):

I am no longer an active CFI-IASMEL, nor do I fly B-727’s, which type I flew for the airlines, but just three weeks ago I introduced two young men to the world of general aviation in a C-172 in Nampa, Idaho.  They both spent about 30 minutes in the left seat, and came away hooked for life.  I feel that if we ever stop introducing the young ones to the thrill of flying small planes, then we start a time clock to terminating general aviation in this country.
That would be a sad day for all of us.  In my 42 years since soloing, I have flown as a bush pilot in Alaska and as an airline pilot in B-727’s.  The job of capturing the hearts of this country’s future aviators has always been paramount.  I applaud your efforts to showcase flying coast-to-coast in a small plane in the post 9-11 era.  Your flight will make a positive difference for an untold number of aviators, future aviators, and non-pilots alike.

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to share.


Thank to you Joe, for being a great aviation professional. Your message reinforces our determination to make this flight happen and to spread the word about how good General Aviation is. People like you are a great example. If all pilots could make the same thing, many people would make their dream of flying come true and join the aviation community.

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