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USA Today’s article helps us to stand united

A recent article published by USA Today was clearly against General Aviation. We won’t quote it here, other organizations and bloggers have already commented on in and demonstrated what was wrong in this article. Even AOPA was involved in preparing this article, and quoting their reaction:

AOPA’s media relations staff learned of the story a week before it was published and had a lengthy conversation with the USA Today reporter, but was not included in the article.

This article is a perfect example of the incorrect perception media - and consequently public - has of General Aviation. The very aim of our flight is to create a great GA event and use its momentum to pass a positive message. We will certainly face incredulity, disbelief and unexpectedly negative reactions. There is only one way to react to such critics: stay cool, in positive control, and explain, tell, demonstrate how General Aviation profits to all of us. Not only amongst the flying community, but publicly. Pilots often have very interesting discussions but sometimes fail to make them open to others.

You can read more about the article in question from the following links, and build your own opinion:

Av8rdan’s world of flying - AvWeb - No Plane No Gain - AOPA - EAA

These site are all in favor in General Aviation, as we are. It’s fine to expect biases from such sources, but not from a general audience newspaper. If you feel like starting to evangelize the cause of General Aviation as we do, remember to always stay cool, open, ready to answer strange questions.

There’s only one good thing in this article from USA Today: it provoked a strong reaction amongst the online and offline aviation community. Thanks to new media it’s easier to react and do our best to limit the damages. The whole GA community stood up at once, and this is great. Adversity is great to create new links and there’s a lot to learn in such circumstances ? Are we too optimistic ? May be, but we strongly believe in what we do. If you feel the same, please support us. Buy miles and help spreading the word about our efforts.

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