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What would YOU fly across ? Tell us and win the “Flyabout” movie

FlyaboutPilots often fly across or around things. We prepare a flight across America and we’re by far not the first to take such a flight. Recently, Joel Glickman flew around the USA to meet with friends. Another example is Monika Petrillo - the first woman who ever flew around… Australia. She did it VFR, in a Cessna 172 with her father as co-pilot. Monkia produced a movie about her adventure, and it changed in her life. You can see the trailer and read more under This movie is about more than flying, it’s about people, encounters, and how flying can impact your life.

Monika was kind enough to give us a signed copy of her DVD to help with our promotion! All you have to do in order to win it is to leave a comment on this post. Tell us around or across what you’d like to fly. You can also leave a comment about a flight you already took. Tell us the story of your project or flight, why it is important to you and what it represents for you.

We’ll select the best story on the 20th of September and send the DVD to its author. Size does not matter - flight around the local lake have the same chance as flight across an ocean, what’s important is how YOU tell your story.

Good luck!

(Note to non-US readers: this is a zone-free DVD, which any player worldwide can read)

15 Responses to “What would YOU fly across ? Tell us and win the “Flyabout” movie”

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  2. @MontanaOne Says:

    I Would Fly Across a Montana Mountain Paradise
    by Carolyn Willis (@MontanaOne)

    I would take off from the Red Lodge, Montana Airport, on a plateau overlooking the sleepy, mountain town, at an elevation of 5763 feet. My aircraft of choice would be a Cessna 172 Skyhawk. The high wings of the aircraft give an unobstructed view of the sheer rock mountains, deep valleys, and crystal clear lakes below. I would head almost due west, flying across the Beartooth and Absaroka mountain ranges. These mountains are part of the great Rocky Mountains. There, towering above the surrounding mountains, majestically rises Granite Peak, at 12,799 feet, the tallest peak in Montana. I would fly in a large, lazy circle, taking photographs of the sheer rock cliffs and crags below, marveling at their beauty and at the awesome power of flight which allows me to view them from this angle. I would take in the beauty of the reflected mountains in the pristine lakes, then a grin would spread across my face as I viewed the reflection of a Cessna 172 moving across the water!

  3. Jon Morby Says:

    One day, I will buy my own plane, and go “walkabout” … starting off in Europe, heading further South to Africa, then maybe back up to Russia, then round to the US … a few years touring the US, and then work out how I’m going to get to Asia and Australia

    All in all I reckon it will take me about 10 years to complete, maybe 20 … but who’s counting!

    Watching the clips of how she went “flyabout” just helps me decide this is definitely the thing for me, starting hopefully in a couple of years … once I’ve managed to buy the plane

  4. Julie Vessigault Says:

    A few years ago, I fell in love with the notion of bicycling across Ireland. Now that I have discovered general aviation and have a love for aerobatic flying, I would love to fly circles around and over the Emerald Isle in my Pitts S2-B for seven days! My image of Ireland is that it is mostly rolling hills with a few mountains and cliffs. I’d fly at or around 1500-3000 feet, depending on what the rules are, and land at a different airport every few hours and overnight at what the equivalent of an American FBO is. :-).

  5. Jenny Says:

    I would, I would, I would…? I DID!!! You know, I just flew over our modest little airfield, buried amongst the golden-green vineyards of southwest France, my heart pounding as I catch a glimpse of the honey-coloured houses sliding by below, the blue blue horizon ahead, the sun hot on my face. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Like Christmas, when you’re five, only a million times better. Suddenly, everything seems possible. I just exploded my little world. I just went solo…

  6. Jeff Morgan Says:

    I would fly across Alaska and the Pacific Northwest region.

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  8. lizmoscrop Says:

    would love to fly a beluga anywhere. I would also love to get a copy of flyabout - even if I’m not a winner. Let me know. I co wrote 100 Greatest Women in Aviation - happy to do a swap

  9. John VC Says:

    For me it is Lake Powell that calls to me as a fly over location. I have always loved that area with it’s twisted waterways and hidden locations and camping spots. What better way to explore it than by airplane?

    The answer is an airplane on floats! In this way I could explore the entire extent of the lake and land at each of the choice spots to swim, hike and explore!

  10. Pat Flannigan Says:

    I really like Paul’s choice: the Hawaiian islands would be incredible. Years ago, I used to island hop from the big island all the way to midway in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It would be pretty neat to do it for real.

    Speaking of island hopping, a trip all the way down the Carribean Island chain would be pretty nifty. You could start in Miami and head on down the line in a Cessna or Piper.

    In response to Christopher: the real question for the polar journey is what kind of airplane would you take? I mean, you’re going from extreme cold to extreme heat and back to cold again!

  11. Paul Says:

    I’d love to fly across the Hawaii Islands. There is such a large range of scenery to take in from beaches to volcanoes and everything in between. It is also something that could be accomplished within a reasonable amount of time and with minimal international complications. You could complete it any any aircraft but my choice would be a seaplane or glider of some sort.

  12. Christopher M Simons Says:

    I believe it would have to be a Pole to Pole. The challanges would be unreal, the Scenery would be supurb. And it couldn’t be done in somthing new… It would have to be an older bird like a Beaver. Fresh overhaul, a mechanic and yourself. No GPS. Back to pioneer pilot roots! Sleeping under the wings every night! The ultimate question is which route to choose. Africa/Europe? The Americas? Pacific Ring? I’ve wanted to be a Bush Pilot my entire life, and this would be my “Fly Across the Equator”!

  13. Martin Jacoby Says:

    I want to fly anywhere with my son in the RV-7 that he is just starting to build.

  14. Martin Rottler Says:

    I’d love to fly across South America…interesting scenery, challenging physical terrain, and awesome people. It would be an adventure!

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