Flying Across America

Promoting General Aviation

Can we really get ready ?

Beside our busy lives, we continue to prepare for our flight across America. We had not a lot of time to blog recently, mostly because life happens, but many things are going on behind the scene. We build new relationships, expand our network, collect arguments that we’ll use to promte General Aviation, refine the route, prepare details… and continue to raise funds.

For the time being, we’ve approximately 15% the budget we need. The half of it comes from your donations - thank you - and the rest from our own funding. If you feel like supporting our effort and encourage our flight, use the yellow buttons on the right hand side. You can also show your support by buying tee-shirts with our nice logo.

We’re also getting in touch with other aviation supporters, associations, organizations, and charities. Being touch with so many different people is both exhilarating and exhausting. It’s just like sensing the pulse of General Aviation. Some new supporters seem to pop-up almost daily, and our facebook fan page just passed the 110 mark recently.

If the trip itself is as intense as the preparation, which I hope, June and July 2010 will be passionating fascinating, and I’m sure we’ll come back with tons of memories and hopefully a slightly better General Aviation. Preparing the route, the details, some events, and some promotion are important, but I’m not sure anything can prepare us for all the discoveries we’ll make and all surprises that we’ll have. I hope most of them will be good…

If you live anywhere near our route and want to meet, or have funny ideas to support General Aviation, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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