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2010, here we come !

Shortly before changing years, I made a new step towards the realisation of our project, which makes it feel more real… On the 30th of December, I bought my flight ticket from Frankfurt to Jacksonville and back. I will fly on American Airlines, from Frankfurt to Dallas, and from Dallas to Jacksonville, on the 18th of June, as planned.

The return flight will be along the same route, departing on the 18th of July. I paid for the ticket myself, not using any fund from your donations. As I said above, this is one more step towards this project, and I feel really excited. I also completed the required online formalities for travel authorisation, everything is ready.

We still have a lot of work to do, many things to do, finalize the route, establish more contacts, refine the planning, continue working on promotion, raise more funds… We’re now 5 months and 17 days from departure.

Thank you to all those who wished us a Happy New Year 2010 per mail, twitter, or other medium, and let us seize this opportunity to wish a happy, successful, great, extraordinary New Year 2010.

Let’s make it a great year for General Aviation!


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