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After the tragedy that hit Haiti, our thoughts naturally go to the victims, their families and relatives.  As pilots, we’re proud to know that General Aviation will be part of both the rescue and reconstruction efforts. While large aircraft bring food, water, medicine and all kind of support, light aircraft are also involved. Some pilot’s organization will fly doctors, search dogs, and many of the other things required in such sad circumstances.

Many pilots and aircraft owner are ready to volunteer their time, aircraft and money to participate in the present and upcoming efforts to relief Haiti.  As often, AOPA plays an important role and provides support to pilots wanting to help.

When we say here that we want to promote General Aviation because it’s a service and help for the whole community, this is exactly what we’re thinking about. We want make people aware of the fact that General Aviation is not only “flying around for fun”. Our goal is to spread the word about this, through our flight and other activities.

To read more about AOPA actions to coordinate GA efforts, please visit the following links:
GA relief flights to Haiti start

Donate cost of flight in wake of Haiti earthquake

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  1. admin Says:

    Dear Michael,

    thanks for your support. You can find more info in this excellent blog post from Max Trescott:


  2. Michael Says:

    I am interested in helping with the haiti relief project. I have a pilots license and would love to help out in any way possible in either aviation or reconstruction efforts. Please e-mail me with information on how to get going.

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