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Less restriction on General Aviation at Reagan National

Good news relating to General Aviation are not exactly filling up newspapers these days - this is also why we organize our flight - so when positive things happens it’s good to spread the word about it…

Recently, the post 9/11 security restrictions dramatically impacting General Aviation activities at Reagan National airport have been eased. The activity there was reduced from 10 to 12 GA movements per hour down to 1 or 2 per day.

The Sun Gazette published a long article about that on Sunday, and I could not resist to republish some parts of it here:

“To the extent airports are suffering, it reduces our revenue stream,” Hynes said. “Airports are important to the local economy. They don’t take our bucks, they give us bucks.”

According to COG’s most recent report, Dulles and Reagan National airports in 2005 employed 28,570 people, who were paid a total of about $1.28 billion. The airports took in about $6.5 billion in revenue and paid $326 million in state and local taxes and $547 million in federal taxes.

“Sometimes there is pressure to rezone property,” Bennett said. “The last thing we want is non-compatible land use around the airport.”

Reading that is just so good… The discussion in comments on the Sun Gazette article is quite animated, and hopefully some pro-GA users corrected some wrong things that were said by less educated ones.

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