Flying Across America

Promoting General Aviation

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If you’re new to this blog and to our project, let me summarize it in a few words for you: we’re two pilots and will fly from Florida to California and back in a Cessna 150, to promote General Aviation and raise funds with the goal of making a donation to an aviation oriented charity when the flight will be completed. Check the links on top of this page to learn more about our project.

The flight will start on the 19th or 20th of June 2010 - some details are still to be defined - and will last for approximately one month. We want to meet as many aviation fans as possible on our route and preach for the values associated to General Aviation: friendship and solidarity, self-development, service to the community and fun.

As our departure date is approaching, we’re more actively looking for supporters and fans, along our route and in the whole country. We’re seeking for local support, help to spread the word, and financial support. Click here to find the best way for you to support us.

We believe this project is a great way to promote General Aviation and we want to associate other aviation fans to it. If you live anywhere close to our route and want to meet us, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your help is required to make this project a success ! Get involved right now and become part of the adventure.

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