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Secretely calling all Cessna pilots for help

I have to confess something. Most of my flying so far was in low-wing aircraft. Even if I logged few dozen hours in a Cessna 172, the fact that I’m most a low-wing pilot makes Jason nervous. He seems to think that I will slam his aircraft  at the first landing and jeopardize the project.

Any tip about how to land a Cessna 150 without breaking any part of it and ensure that it still can fly afterward is welcome. Please don’t tell Jason about this ;-)

If you smiled while reading this post, why not buy some miles to give me more opportunities to improve my high-wing landings ? Use the yellow buttons on the right-hand side to buy 1, 2, 5 or 10 miles - We need 4000 of them and every purchase counts!

5 Responses to “Secretely calling all Cessna pilots for help”

  1. Gary Winkelman Says:

    Vincent- you will be a pro landing a C150 by the time you get to Catalina. And that’s a good thing because it looks like an aircraft carrier landing. Better High, than Low and Long than Slow, Look out Below! Visually there’s a Crown in the middle of the runway and makes it look very short on Landing or T.O. Last, the 150 is prone to wheel shimmy on rough asphalt and potholes at Catalina. Operated by the Conservancy, $25 Landing Fee…I’m sure they will waive it for the publicity.
    Soft Field Techniques arriving and departing are fun and nose gear friendly. For more on the 150, highly recommend Royson Parsons is the Editor and go to guy.
    Hope to see you on Catalina soon for a Buffalo Burger! Wink

  2. Axel Says:

    Haha. Jill’s got a point! ;-)

  3. admin Says:

    Jill, I hope I’m not a desperate case ;-)

  4. Jill Meyers Says:

    If Jason is flying with you and he is the “AOPA’s Top Flight Instructor”, then why are you asking this question?

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