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Best of day 7: Better weather, more Texas BBQ and being on TV

Before telling more about today’s flight, we’ve to publish one picture from Houston. Lots of you want to see the smile of the 5 years old boy that took a discovery flight on N512R yesterday at the 1940 Air Terminal Museum. It was not possible to upload it yesterday because of our bad internet connection, but here it is now. Look at that smile, it says everything about how fun flying is.

5 years old kid after his discovery flight

Photo credit: Blair McFarlain

Today’s flight from Houston to Sweetwater was the easiest so far. Apart from some turbulence caused by thermals the weather was perfect for flying. We stopped at Brownwood regional airport to get the fuel we needed to complete four hours and ten minutes of flying. Away from the coast the air is much drier and we could feel the Texas sun burning us.

The best surprise of the day came right after our landing in Sweetwater. A TV crew from KTXS was there waiting for us. We used this opportunity to say once again how important General Aviation is to the local community. At our stop in Brownwood, we saw a Cessna Caravan operated by FedEx. In this area of rural Texas, this is one more service that’s made possible only thanks to General Aviation.

Flying Across America on TV

We chose to stop in Sweetwater because it is the historical homebase of the Women Air force Service Pilots, also known as WASP. The WASPs were women flying missions for the Air force during WWII. The WASP museum located on Sweetwater airport seeks to educate and inspire all generations with the story of the WASP – the first women to fly American’s military aircraft – women who forever changed the role of women in aviation.

WASPs Museum at Sweetwater airport

More pictures are available from our facebook photo albums (available even if you’re not registered with facebook).

Tomorrow we’ll fly to Pecos for a fuel stop and then to El-Paso. This will be the first day of mountain flying. Pecos is at 2.613 feet and El-Paso at 3.959 feet. We plan to fly south of the Guadalupe pass at 8.500 feet. We’re far from the landings at sea level that we had so far, and the effects on take-off performance are noticeable.

If everything unfolds as planned, we should land in El-Paso at 1.30pm. Come to Cutter Aviation in El-Paso to meet us and may be take a discovery flight with Jason.

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  1. PJ Says:

    I don’t know if I mentioned it while you were here, but the hangar just south of the museum here in Houston is actually where the first two squadrons of WASPS were trained, before their base was moved to Sweetwater.

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