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Day -1: Updating plans

One day to go. At this time tomorrow, we’ll be approaching Destin and get ready to meet our friends at DestinJet. And guess what we did yesterday and tomorrow? We spent all day on Florida’s beaches, hit the swimming pool, drink cocktails, and … No forget about that. Apart form the rally and burgers in Dunnellon, we spent the day in Jason’s office here in Ocala, sending mail, calling contacts and updating our plans…

The dates for Baton-Rouge and Houston have been adjusted to allow us to be at the 1940 Air Terminal Museum on Saturday, the 26th and take part in the Beechcraft fly-in they organize. Come meet us there, and if you don’t know which aircraft is ours, that’s easy: it’ll be the only one with the wing on top on that day ;-). Check the facebook event from the museum to read more.

Before that, we’ll stay in Baton-Rouge for two nights instead of one. Our supporters there are very active and it will be a great pleasure to meet the General Aviation community there. The new schedule for the first days of our trip is as follows:

  • 21st of June: Dunnellon - Daytona Beach - Destin
  • 22nd of June: Destin - Baton-Rouge
  • 23rd of June: Baton-Rouge
  • 24th of June: Baton-Rouge - Houston
  • 25th of June: Houston
  • 26th of June: Houston - Beechcraft fly-in at the 1940 AirTerminal Museum
  • 27th of June: Houston - Sweetwater
  • 28th of June: Sweetwater - El-Paso
  • 29th of June: El-Paso
  • 30th of June: El-Paso - Prescott

Thanks again to those who came to Dunnellon, and specially Kim Risley who took nice pictures of ourselves and the aircraft.

Flying Across America - Crew and Aircraft

Flying Across America - Crew and Aircraft

And now, off to the pool for a not so short dip.

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