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Day - 11: Around the clock

Spiral clockToday was one of these days where 24 hours seems to go by in a snap. I started my day shortly before 5am UTC (that’s about 7am local time in Germany, and 1am on the US east coast) and found couple of mails - 4 of them actually - that were sent during the European night time by sponsors and partners of the project in the US. I answered some of them before going to work, and the rest of them after my work day. 15 mails today, and I did chat online with two active partners.

We get more feedback and reactions as the departure date gets closer. The last one is Indy Transponder, a blog publishing several digests of aviation news, articles and headlines each and every day. This helps us to reach a wider audience, and we warmly recommend that you check their work.

It is now 11.50pm and it is clear that I won’t reach one of my goals for today, which was to write more about our stop in Baton Rouge. This one is now organized and is really exciting. It definitely deserves more time and a good post on this blog, so it will wait until tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my last day at work before a five weeks leave that will be centered on our flight. This will mean more time to work on this project, and bring it to success. There is a lot to do and this is a really good sign. Seeing interest in our project and receiving donations is really motivating and we now enter the final sprint before the flight. Please continue to donate using the yellow buttons on the right hand side, and help us promote and develop General Aviation.

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