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Day -7: New west coast route: Chino - Catalina - Whiteman - Santa-Maria

The last days have been full of new contacts. More and more aviation enthusiasts get in touch with us, buy miles, and invite us for stops. We want to meet as many of you as possible and this lead us to change our plan for the west coast. The new plan is as follow:

  • 1st of July: Prescott -> Chino
  • 2nd of July: Chino -> Catalina -> Whiteman
  • 3rd of July: Whiteman -> Santa-Maria

Flying Across America in California

We’ll meet with Nick, the president of Friends of Aviation on Catalina and fly back as a “fleet” to his homebase in Whiteman. All pilots of the area are invited to join us on the Island or at any of these four Californian airports. And if you have some spare time on the 4th of July, come meet us at Santa-Maria.

Join us and show how active and united the General Aviation community is.

We need more donations to make sure we can reach California and fly home. If you also think that turning around before reaching Catalina is no option, buy miles using the yellow buttons on the right hand side. Donations start at $3.75 and every one counts.

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