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Day -9: Flexible planing

“There will be a large part of improvisation in this project.” These words seem to be our leitmotiv at this moment. 9 days before starting our flight across America, from Florida to California and back, many questions remain unanswered. The mention in AOPA Online generated good reactions and lots of new contacts.

Light aviation is highly dependent on weather. Even if N512R is IFR equipped and Jason’s a CFII, there’s nothing we can do against serious adverse weather. And at this time of year, this means thunderstorms. The 10 days forecast available from weather services are certainly not certain enough to make any decision, it gives a rough idea what to expect. At this moment, the forecast for Destin, our first stop, is quite simple: sunny today and tomorrow, and then risks of thunderstorms until the 21st, the day we’re supposed to fly.

Thunderstorms do not last for whole day, for sure. But the flight from Dunnellon to Daytona Beach and then to Destin will last for a bit less than five hours. If the forecast gets confirmed, a departure in the morning seems likely. But we’re still 9 days away, and a lot can change in between.

Our flight schedule contains days with no flying planed to compensate for possible weather delays. We’ll do our best to stick to the plan but we however plan everything with flexibility. The people helping with our stops are aviation enthusiasts and understand this well, which makes the whole organization flexible. Thanks a lot to all of you, guys.

We continue to work behind the scene to settle deals with our sponsors, many being reserved to our patrons. We’ll announce all of them at the same time, shortly before starting. The last ones have been agreed upon over the last two days with the Desert Rose Bed&Breakfast in Sedona, Arizona and Aviation Jewelry Designs. But it’s too early to say more, so stay tuned until we release all details.

In the mean time, you can buy miles using the yellow buttons on the right hand side. The deals we work on will be valid for all patrons, disregarding when they bought miles and whatever the quantity…

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  1. Axel Says:

    Yes, a good idea to do early morning flights to avoid thunderstorms and adverse weather around this time of year. :) From the summers I spent in Daytona Beach I remember the mornings with blue skies and sunshine and then some time between 2 pm and 4 pm the thundrestorms would break lose. :p In Orlando you can usually set your clock by the afternoon thunderstorms in summer! LoL With your jet lag coming from Europe you’ll have no problem being up early for morning flights anyways….when it is 6 am on the east coast of the U.S. it will already be noon in Germany and Europe! :)

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