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Best of day 19: More rain and diversion

We did not reach Georgetown today as we expected but we progressed towards East. We’re now in Big Spring, Texas, three hours away from Georgetown. The day started in Cavern City with rain and low visibility. We spent the morning at our hotel and when the rain stopped we walked back to the airport. A 2.5 miles walk along the road with our bags because no shuttle was available from the hotel or from the FBO…

The weather situation was improving but not as fast as we wanted. Our goal was to reach Georgetown, five hours away. We finally left Cavern City at 2.30pm trying to reach Midland or San Angelo. We had a smooth ride at 5.500 feet with a good tailwind. But before reaching Midland we were in front of a large precipitation area. The approach controller informed us that it was 15 miles long and three miles thick and that two Cessna 182 were flying VFR on the other side. But this rain storm was so dense that it was not possible to fly through.

We flew northbound along the rain until it was possible to resume our navigation. The next airport on our route east was Big Spring and we decided to land there to check the weather and buy fuel before continuing towards San Angelo or Georgetown. A massive storm was developing East of the airport and an immediate departure was not possible. The flight from Cavern City was only two hours long but because we changed time zone, it was already 5.30pm. The weather radar was showing precipitation along our planned route to San Angelo and beyond, moving towards the airport. Once again, it was safer to change our plans and stay where we were for the night.

We will try to reach Georgetown tomorrow on time for the Aviation Airport Safety Day, where we are supposed to share about our trip. We’ll do our best but safety is the first priority. Preaching for General Aviation in front of a crowd corresponds to one of our goals with this project and we’d love to take this opportunity, but this will not affect our decisions tomorrow. See you in Georgetown… hopefully.

By the way, don’t forget that the drawing for our raffle is approaching. All miles bought from now until our landing in Dunnellon will give you a double chance to win. Yes, two chances per mile - use the yellow buttons on the right hand side now to get chances to win big!

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