Flying Across America

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Flying Across America - We did it!

23 days ago, we left Dunnellon airport in central Florida to fly to the Atlantic ocean, and then cross the country to Catalina Island in the Pacific ocean, abeam Los Angeles. We flew over plains, deserts, mountains and two oceans in a Cessna 150 and met incredible people along the way.

We’re now back at our starting point after a total of 31 flights and 62 hours 50 minutes of flying. This trip was a life changing experience. We got exposed to many different aspects of aviation, and did our best to promote General Aviation and pass the passion along.

Getting home was a very intense moment and many different emotions are colliding. We’ll certainly need a couple of days to realize that this journey really happened. It feels like we left Florida years ago, but it also feels like everything happened in a snap.

We will get some rest over the next days before Vincent flies back to Europe. We will also organize the drawing for our raffle and inform the winners directly. We’ll continue to post here about the trip and what we intend to do afterward to continue promoting General Aviation. This flight across America was just the beginning… But for now N512R is back in her hangar, and we’re enjoying a long night with no wake-up planed for tomorrow morning.

N512R back in hangar

4 Responses to “Flying Across America - We did it!”

  1. Michael Mayes Says:

    Congratz guys.

  2. Bob Barbanes Says:

    Damn. What fun to live vicariously through you guys as you made your way across the country and back. How I wish I could’ve done it with you. Probably a lot of us do! Next time, instead of a 150 could you take a Cessna… Caravan?

    Glad it all went well and you made it safely home. It was a pleasure meeting you both, and if you ever get up this way again, you know you have a good friend in Pensacola.

    Great job!

  3. PJ Says:

    Congrats guys. It was a pleasure to follow you on your trip and to spend time with you in Houston. Vincent, have a safe journey home, and I look forward to seeing what you guys have in store for the future.

  4. Kim Risley Says:

    Congrats to you two!!! Glad you made it back safe.

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