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Double chances to win big - Buy miles now

This is the last week of our flight across America and our big raffle is approaching. We will give away a pilot kit from Cessna, Windtee tee shirts, ForeFlight and PDF Plates subscriptions, and a lot of other prizes. Each mile you buy from now to the end of our trip gives you two chances [...]

Double Chances to Win Prizes - Buy Miles Now

More gifts for you - Buy miles and win big

A new partner joins the party - sends us a DVD with all Airport Facility Directory and Instrument Approach Procedures plates as in PDF format. You can download all plates for free from their website. If you don’t want to download them you can buy PDF Plates on DVD with revision service. On top [...]

Day -12: More help for us and more gifts for you

The world is small… Just after writing yesterday’s post about press releases, I sent a draft of the one I prepared for our stop in Baton Rouge to John, who is coordinating our stop there. And what did he tell me? His fiancĂ©e Katy (by the way, congrats on getting engaged) has some experience with [...]

Day -15: 512R’s annual and more work…

15 days before our departure, there are no days off anymore. Preparing the collaborations at all our stops is a lot of work and it’s great to see the General Aviation community reacting to our project. I just checked while wrting this post, my inbox contains more than 3000 messages… Getting everybody posted is [...]

Join our fast growing aviation community

General Aviation is a great community. If you see pilots are selfish guys locked in their cockpits, you’re completely wrong. Not only aviation is supporting our communities, but it’s also a strongly networked group of people. As we continue to prepare our flight, we work at reinforcing these links and creating new ones.
Building a group [...]

Flying Across America is on

How cool is that? Our little project got coverage on one of the blogs of!
This shows how such actions can have impact on wider audience and help promote General Aviation. If you’re a blogger and want to write something about our project, please contact us. We’ll be very happy to answer your questions and [...]

3 Months and Cleared for Takeoff

Today marks 3 months until the start of our flight! I’m pleased to announce Cessna has just signed on as a sponsor of our trip! To help us raise money they’ve donated an entire Cessna Private Pilot Course on DVD and the internet! Complete with logbook, E6B, everything! A great way to get you or [...]

New giveaway: Airbus Goodies!

Vincent had the luck to visit the Airbus site in Toulouse, and came back with some goodies for you, so… It’s giveaway time again!
The rule is simple: any miles purchase between now and the 13th of February at 1900 UTC qualifies for a random selection of winners. We’ve a red Airbus A380 “Remove before flight” [...]

New starting point, and some update

As Jason recently changed homebase, our flight will no longer start from Ocala, but from nearby Dunnellon airport. The rest of the route is unchanged, we still plan to fly first to Daytona Beach and then all the way to Santa Catalina Island, and back.
Now that my flight out of Frankfurt is booked, we’ll soon [...]