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Flying Across America - We did it!

23 days ago, we left Dunnellon airport in central Florida to fly to the Atlantic ocean, and then cross the country to Catalina Island in the Pacific ocean, abeam Los Angeles. We flew over plains, deserts, mountains and two oceans in a Cessna 150 and met incredible people along the way.
We’re now back at our [...]

Best of day 22: Pensacola and the Blue Angels

We had more tailwinds today flying from Baton Rouge to Pensacola. We plan our flights using a very conservative 70 knots ground speed and we were in the 90 to 100 range for the whole flight. This changed a 3 hours flight into a 2 hours 20 minutes one. Weather was not optimal but manageable.
We [...]

Best of day 21: Tailwinds

We had great tailwinds today flying from Georgetown to Baton Rouge. Since we cleared the mountains we can also fly at lower altitudes where we get better performance. The combination of these two factors resulted in great ground speed today, saving us time, fuel and money. We even hit the 100 knots mark on the [...]

Best of day 20: Scud running to Georgetown

Weather was much better today than yesterday. We departed Big Spring shortly after 8am. There were some low clouds around but enough clear sky to climb on top. There are windmills in this area and we kept an eye on them while climbing.

We cruised on top for forty minutes, with a great tailwind. We did [...]

Best of day 19: More rain and diversion

We did not reach Georgetown today as we expected but we progressed towards East. We’re now in Big Spring, Texas, three hours away from Georgetown. The day started in Cavern City with rain and low visibility. We spent the morning at our hotel and when the rain stopped we walked back to the airport. A [...]

Best of day 18: Good bye mountains, hello rain

We’re in Cavern City, New Mexico. For the first time in this trip we did not made it to the planed destination. We expected to be in Midland, Texas but we had to divert because of weather. After taking off from Dona Ana, we climb towards El Paso. It was quite windy so we did [...]

Best of day 17: In the desert, you can’t remember your name

The departure out of Sedona was incredible. The rocks and canyons around the airport are impressive and climbing between them was very cool.

After that, it was all about desert, mountain, headwinds, turbulence and trying to climb and maintain 9.500 feet. The flight from Sedona to Safford took us two hours and fifteen minutes. Crossing one [...]

Best of day 16: Grand Canyon and Sedona

This post comes to you from the garden area of the Desert Rose Bed and Breakfast in Sedona, Arizona. This is the best place from where we blogged during this trip. The Desert Rose is minutes away from Cottonwood airport and it was a 20 minutes drive from Sedona Airport. We enjoy the Arizona sun [...]

Best of day 15: Crazy Las Vegas

Our day in Las Vegas started very smoothly. After flying 5h35 the day before, we eventually had the opportunity to get a long night of sleep. We had two points on our agenda: a TV interview and having N512R cleaned by Clear Skies Aircraft Cleaning and Polishing. One of our supporters in Vegas picked us [...]

Best of day 14: Turning around over Death Valley

We’re back to mountains and desert. Today’s flight from Santa Maria to North Las Vegas ended up in being the longest flying day since we started this adventure. 5h35 of flight, and we crossed Death Valley three times…
The departure out of Santa Maria was IFR to get on top of a solid overcast layer. The [...]