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Promoting General Aviation


Welcome to the Flying Across America project’s website. We are two pilots with a light aircraft and a dream: fly from Daytona Beach, FL to Catalina Island, CA and back. We want to make this coast to coast flight not by flying the airlines, but by flying visually and landing at small airfields and regional airports along our route. This is a 4.000 nautical miles trip. We estimate we will need 70 hours of flight over three weeks to accomplish this mission in Jason’s Cessna 150.

Besides demonstrating our passion for aviation during this flight, we intend to do this flight to promote important positive values that aviation helps to facilitate:

  • Friendship and solidarity uniting pilots. We come from different continents, speak different languages. We also learned to fly in different contexts, but despite all these differences, we belong to the same community: aviation.
  • Development of self confidence and self control. Pilots know well how beneficial learning to fly is, and we want to spread the word about it outside the aviation community. This flight will provide a) opportunity to rally aviation and and non-aviation friends and neighbors we will subsequently meet and attract media attention to the positive aspects of aviation.
  • Support and services rendered to the community. Aviation is not limited to airlines. General aviation fulfills a lot of missions to help and support local economy. From ambulance humanitarian flights to media support and law enforcement, this deserves to be said and repeated.
  • Fun and enjoyment through development of unique skills. We want to do this flight because we can. Flying is both a fun and demanding passion which procures endless satisfaction. Help us to pass the information: it is not reserved for the elite and affluent)

We want to promote these values before, during and after our flight, via this website but also via direct contact with both aviation and non-aviation oriented persons we will meet. We think that such initiatives help develop the community and make it stronger, to the benefit of all aviation enthusiasts.

We can’t fund the whole flight ourselves and this is why we need your help. Our calculations shown that on this distance, we need $3.75 per nautical mile, and to cover accommodation and food. Are we asking you to pay for our flying ? Partly, yes. We are on a mission that is more than just flying from point A to point B - we intend to rally people and promote general aviation on a local grassroots level, where misunderstandings can most effectively be resolved. We believe strongly in this approach rather than taking on the politicians. Thanks to internet networking, we can reach out and educate individuals and communities.

We also have the secret hope to collect more money than needed, to make a significant donation to an aviation charity once we will be back, but shhhhh… it’s a secret ;-)

Our budget consists of our own funds and your donations. We will fly as far as our budget permits. Please help us share with America the importance of General Aviation, and the many ways it benefits people. Use the buttons on the right-hand side to buy one, two, five or ten miles for us. You can also click here to read more about other ways to support us. Thank you !

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