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  1. Stephen Devine Says:

    Jason and Vincent-

    Thanks for your flight, and the promotion it is producing. I had not been current for years, and figured that my flying days were over. Things have changed a lot, but as you say- there is an important role for GA, and our freedom in America is very pointed out by our freedom to fly. I was looking at some old sectionals, and when you look outside of the US, there are hardly any airports. Here, we can’t even count them. I think the question you are bringing up is this: What is the new role of GA? But as you are illustrating by your very flight- the possibilities are endless. What we can ask in return is: What needs can be filled with GA? Then, if we all go look for needs that GA can address- it will thrive again. Thank you for the inspiration, energy, and passion. I am current again because of you. Fly safe, and I hope you stop in Houston on your way home. We are watching you, and flying with you!

  2. Mike hogan Says:


    thanks for giving me an IPC today in Santa Maria it’ll come in handy Monday!
    You guys have really lived up to your mission.

  3. DotQ Says:

    @Chris Lockwood,

    Negative and cheap you say. Well f***ing excuse me for being negative and cheap by having an opinion of the very kind of people who denied both me and tons of others these types of very things in life, on more than one occasion, yet who constantly try and hide that fact and make it seem that everything is alright, and that everyone is happy, regardless of the fact that it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    I’m in my fullest of rights to be “cheap” and “negative” here, so go suck on it. Hard as you or anyone else may try, I won’t be brought down.

    Looks like another site full of overly complacent assholes.

    Good bye!

  4. Chris Lockwood Says:

    Hey Doubtful,

    Thanks for reminding us that no matter what people try to do or how honest they are about it, there will always be negative people like you there to take cheap shots at them.

  5. Windtee™ Says:

    Jason and Vincent, I desire nothing less than speed, safety, and security along your entire route-of-flight!

    I’ll be checking-in regularly for updates. Also, I have my FlightAware alerts set-up for N512R. :)

    Have fun, and Go GA!

  6. admin Says:

    Dear DotQ (nice name, by the way…),

    I don’t know where you living in, but I had the chance to take a look at what you call “the world out of the US”. Actually, I was lucky enough to travel to all the five continents, and I know that not all are blessed as we are. But is that a reason to give up on something we consider important? I don’t think so.

    The “because we can” wording was may be not the best one, but what we meant with that is that we’ve the freedom to do it, and no one prevents us to take this flight. Will you say that this is not possible in all parts of the world? You would be perfectly right. General Aviation much more developed in the US than anywhere else, and this is what we want to promote. And if our effort makes it a little more accessible to few of the millions who can’t access it yes, our project will be a great success.


  7. DotQ Says:


    Just wanted to leave two comments, regarding your mission…mostly related at the goal posted below. The idea that you have is great, but there are some major fundamental flaws here. I’ll be brief.

    “Fun and enjoyment through development of unique skills. We want to do this flight because we can. Flying is both a fun and demanding passion which procures endless satisfaction. Help us to pass the information: it is not reserved for the elite and affluent)”

    —because we can— Yes, *YOU* can! What about millions who can’t and never will be able to do any of this??

    —it is not reserved for the elite and affluent— Yes-It-Is!! You might not consider elite and affluent someone like yourselves, but compared to a lot of the people out there(Especially outside of US), you are quite affluent and impowered(And lucky!) to be able to do this. Imagine yourselves not being able to do this at all, and you’ll get the point.

    Esentially you are trying to prove that all this is fun and games and really darn simple, yet you haven’t even looked outside the world that you are doing your tour in, to begin with, before coming up with that statement. I’d say you’ve really missed the mark on that one. Aviation is still very much for the rich and is very much unaccessable to a lot more, than to the few who can.

  8. admin Says:

    @Ian: thanks for your kind words and for the invitation to be on your podcast. This will be our pleasure.

  9. PilotIan Says:

    Good luck to you guys look forward to hearing about it perhaps you could be on my podcast sometime!

  10. JD Tilton Says:

    Wishing you both a great trip and safe return. I think you’re awesome!!

  11. Bob Barbanes Says:

    Good talking with you on the phone today, Jason! I know you two are in for a great adventure. Sure wish I was going along. Can’t wait to meet you guys when you come through Pensacola.

    Tailwinds! (You’re gonna need ‘em!)

  12. Peter Weiss Says:

    I had a very enjoyable flight with you today doing my bi-annual out of Dunnellon. You’re a great CFI. have a wonderful flight across the USA!!

  13. admin Says:

    @Kim: thank you for your support, please check your mails ;-). Our stop at Houston will be at Hobby airport, where we will visit the 1940 Air Terminal Museum. Have you already heard of their raffle plane? We’ll be there on the 24th of June, is there any chance you can join us there?

  14. Kim Morrison Says:

    Hey guys, just donated to your flight. When in Houston are you stopping at Hobby or Ellington? Have a safe and fun trip.

  15. admin Says:

    @Joerg: thanks, if we stop in Deming, we won’t miss that. Servus.

    @InstructorJosh: Destin - Baton-Rouge should be non-stop, but as you said, Mobile is right on the way. We’ll see if we can do something…

  16. InstructorJosh Says:

    Your Destin to Baton Rouge leg should take you right through my airspace at Mobile Approach Control. I’ll be on the lookout for you! Any chance you guys can drop in to MOB?

  17. Joerg Says:

    Done that trip many times. You’ll have fun. Stop by at Deming, NM airport (KDMN) west of ElPaso. Tell Bob & Tony that George the German (TBM700) sent you. Fly safe. JOERG

  18. Web Design Jacksonville, FL Says:

    Good luck flying across America. We’d like to show our support.

  19. Sharon & Rick Cushman Says:

    We are so proud of my nephew Jason & Vincent!
    Jason is such a inspiration not only us but it seems he also is inspirational to the whole aviation community.
    We will be buying miles as soon as we can as well as tracking your trip! We can’t wait!
    Please take lots of pictures & video’s along the way to share.
    Our thoughts and prayers will be with you on your journey!
    God Bless both of you!!!
    Sharon & Rick Cushman

  20. Ross Says:

    Good luck on your trip; I won’t be funding, as I’d rather pay for my own fun than someone else’s, but I hope that you have an excellent time; and at least you’re clear about where the money goes. My girlfriend and I spent 5 weeks flying a 172 from Florida to California and back in 2007 (on our own dime, although we didn’t publicise GA much either, I’ll admit), and absolutely loved it!

    A tip; we spent way, way less than you plan to, by the simple expedient of taking a tent and camping for free at a lot of places. It’s more fun than a grotty motel too! I suppose your weight and balance will have the final say…

  21. General Aviation Says:

    Jason & Vincent, we wish you all the best. And I hope you’d be taking a lot of pictures and videos on the way, and when you get back you’d share them here with all. Fly safe.

  22. Matt Says:

    Good luck with the flight. I recently purchased an American Yankee and flew from the Raleigh/Durham, NC. area to Hanford, CA. I am active duty Navy and this was my first plane and flying across the country in my own plane was a goal since my first lesson in 2004. I budgeted $1,000 for fuel, food and lodging and managed to stay under $800. Oh yeah the headwinds through Texas and Arizona were fierce at times, I only saw groundspeeds of 75mph. Would have been nice having another pilot it was just me and a trusty rental Garmin 696 from AirPower, check them out, it proved to be a trusty co-pilot.

  23. Mike Hogan Says:

    You guys Rock! People like doubtful are what’s wrong with the world. People with vision, adventure and a plan are what this world needs!

    I’m still trying to get you noticed by the Cessna Pilot’s Association. Wake Up CPA! we’re coming to see you next summer!


  24. Joe Murphy Says:

    What do I love flying?? Dude, it’s flying! The people, the air, the variety, the chance to isolate my two kids in the back seat by simply pressing the “crew” button. What’s not to love?!

  25. @ccollick Says:

    Just wanted to commend you on this amazing opportunity to promote GA throughout the US. Don’t let this one trip be the end of the promotion…continue to promote GA even after the last goal of this trip has been reached.

  26. @MontanaOne Says:

    General aviation is the lifeblood of all aviation. No one is born a commercial pilot. Without General Aviation we’d have nothing in the aviation industry for kids to look forward to, no reason to hang around a hangar watching planes be repaired or reconditioned. I have great childhood and early adult memories of General Aviation and of a retired school teacher taking me up for a ride in her Twin Commanche. We became best friends and I flew with her often, as she gave me unofficial flight lessons in her plane. The “aviation bug” has been with me as long as I can remember, and thanks to people like you and your project, it will be instilled in children and adults all across America! Thanks for taking the time to do this project in behalf of General Aviation!

  27. @FiveFs Says:

    Set aside the millions of jobs associated with General Aviation, or the amount of commerce the industry enables across the nation and the earth. General Aviation would be valuable if those were the only benefits it brought our society.

    But all one needs to do is see the bright eyes of children at a fly-in pancake feed, or witness the sense of accomplishment a friend feels when they solo for the first time, to understand what is perhaps the most important aspect of General Aviation: Community.
    Since pilots returning home from World War I first started flying surplus airplanes across the country, buzzing main street before landing in a farmer’s field, airplanes have captured the fascination of people like nothing else quite can.

    General Aviation offers something for everyone; from entertainment for non-flyers, to a sense of achievement for aspiring pilots, and transportation or utility for the business person. I’m hard pressed to think of another endeavor which has the ability to bring together a diverse group of people in the way General Aviation does.

  28. Charles Says:

    Matthew:28:20: Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.


  29. Sean Says:

    As someone much wiser than I once put it, “A mile of highway will take you a mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere.”. Without that mile of runway for GA pilots, who know how much progress in our world could never have taken place?

  30. Vincent Says:

    Trey, we’re not doing it for pure enjoyment. We do our best to create some buzz, get attention and use it to promote General Aviation. Being a pilot yourself I’m sure you understand why GA needs support. The flight is the tool we need for this purpose.

    We also try to promote our partners and patrons. I hope the link you posted in your comment did bring some visitors to your website. I think that we’ve some common goals. Quoting your website: “I’m not out to make money, only to promote my love of flying and to maintain my airplane. I’m always willing to share the cost and the fun.”

  31. Trey Says:

    I’m sorry I won’t be funding your trip but it’s a good idea though. I am flying from Cleveland to Los Angeles in late July ‘09 in my Cirrus. Then returning in October. I had no idea it was a big deal going across america. I do it for the pure enjoyment, not to find people who will pay for it. Good luck.

  32. @MontanaOne Says:

    This is a great promotion! I ordered a t-shirt and it’s perfect. It’s of great quality and the graphic is wonderful. I would advise ordering the lightest colored shirts, as the map of the USA fades out a on darker colors, but the Cessna shows up just fine.

  33. Stephen SMith Says:

    If you haven’t already, you should reach out to the Civil Air Patrol and AOPA. AOPA can get word out. I am sure CAP Squadrons along the way would love to have you “brief” their cadets.

  34. Kim Says:

    Need to correct a type O…

    Good Luck on Promoting GA….Anyone that is promoting GA needs support…. Very few non pilots still don’t know “what” GA is… I run in to that problem a lot.. You also should think about going to schools… and tell the kids what you are doing..

  35. Nick Says:

    Dear Doubtful,

    You are an idiot, that is all.

    Very few if at all are crooks in General Aviation. Its a tight knit group who are very passionate.

  36. Vincent Says:

    Dear “Doubtful”,
    your raise a lot of questions, so let me answer each point:

    1) So who would be held responsible if u raise the money and then flee instead of actually flying and promoting GA?

    If you check the “About us and the flight” page, you’ll find our real names, Jason Schappert and Vincent Lambercy. You’ll also find links to our respective blogs and websites, from which you can find our “real world” coordinates.

    2) And what do you mean by ‘promoting GA’? It’s already promoted enough.

    You’ll find the answer to this question in the “Goals” page, and later on the blog when we’ll start posting about the events we’re planning. We don’t share your opinion that GA is “promoted enough”. We believe that GA requires all possible support.

    3) All you guys are trying to do is to fly for fun on our money and in return we won’t get sheet. Stop deceiving us!

    At first, you’re not forced to send us your money. You should really have a look at our “Goals” page. Let me quote it here: “Are we asking you to pay for our flying ? Partly, yes.”. Is that not very clear ? No deception here.

    I sincerely hope that you’ll get these answers. Unfortunately, the e-mail address you left with your comment is invalid.

  37. Doubtful Says:

    So who would be held responsible if u raise the money and then flee instead of actually flying and promoting GA? And what do you mean by ‘promoting GA’? It’s already promoted enough. Stop cheating on your friends, Jason. All you guys are trying to do is to fly for fun on our money and in return we won’t get sheet. Stop deceiving us!

  38. Julie Vessigault Says:

    This is an incredible project! You have some neat products for sale, and the blog posts are looking great! I am going to print out some fliers to distribute in my neighborhood.

  39. Daren Sorenson Says:

    Good luck guys, done that trip twice with a PA-32. Wish I had this kind of help.


  40. SigourneySky Says:

    Thanks for the post on the blog (Plastic Pilot) dreams about: yes, it is this
    Best wishes, lots of new friends and enjoy your flight

    (Original comment, in German:
    Danke für den Beitrag im Blog (PlasticPilot) übers Träumen: ja, so ist das.
    Liebe Grüße, viele neue Freunde und viel Spaß beim Flug

  41. Rachel Conklin Says:

    This is very cool!, I am flying a C-150 as a trainer right now so this is close to my heart. I look forward to seeing the progress along the route!

  42. Aviation News Says:

    We appreciate this project. Go ahead.
    Aviation News team

  43. Tweetyflymom Says:

    Wonderful site! I look forward to buying some miles!

  44. Keith J. Jones Says:

    Great site and great cause. I look forward to it!

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