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This project would not been possible without the support of our partners. We’re permanently looking for new partners able to help us. Contact us is you have an idea how to help us and get your website listed here ! - The online community for pilots ! This site makes aviation more social. They’re still in Beta but Vincent has been a member for months. Being a member there and support from the creators help to spread the word about our project.

Friends of Aviation - Making the dream of flight a reality. We share many of the goals defined by their mission statements:

Our mission is simple - we want to increase communication and cooperation between all people and organizations of Aviation and by that increase the public knowledge and support for Aviation. We want to keep the dream of flight alive and make it possible for anyone to experience what Flying and Aviation is all about. We would like to see the entire Aviation Community brought together as an overall cohesive group, working closely together to forward our common purposes. The educational, social and cultural values of Aviation are major and it is up to us to make the public aware of them.

Many thanks to Friends of Aviation for helping us to bring our message to more persons.

The Indy Transponder is an important relay helping us to reach the online aviation community by posting regularly about us. Their flight plan (a.k.a. mission statement) say everything about what they do:

The Indy Transponder is a collection of headlines, links, and articles related to Aviation Edutainment which include air shows and air racing. Additionally we highlight aviation heritage, developing youth’s aero interest, and other articles of interest. Continue to visit and you will find guest articles from various participants and key people engaged in our industry. No copyright infringements intended.

The IndyTransponder makes aviation tee-shirts, designed by an aviator for aviators. They sent us 24 of them that we’ll give away to patrons as part of our final raffle. Moreover, they offer free shipping until July 1st. Don’t miss that. – Aviation T-Shirt Art!

Kimberly Risley designed our logo within a few days. She met with Jason to take pictures of N512R and used them to create our logo. Kim specializes in aviation pictures and artwork. If you want a memory of your first solo, or of the day you passed your PPL test, she’s the one ! You can see more of her work on her website She also designed the second variant of the logo that we use for tee-shirts, sweatshirts, tops, … from our shop.

Aviation Jewelery Design produced high-quality aviation-oriented jewelery pieces. They created a special design for our project, a silver pendant or lapel pin based on our logo:

Flying Across America Pendant

FlyingBlogFeed aggregates the best aviation related blogs the internet has to offer.  It’s your one stop source for quality aviation blog feeds. The team behind this site built a special page for us, helping to spread the word. Check them for the latest aviation news from the blogosphere.

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