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Starting from Daytona Beach, FL we will fly as far as Catalina Island, CA while we rally pilots and share with the public the importance of General Aviation and the way it benefits people.

Flying from Florida to California and back represents approximately 56 hours of flight over twenty days. We will also need food and accommodation along the route. The exact cost and duration of the mission will depend on the route details and on weather but preliminary budget calculations evaluated it to $10.000:

56 flight hours at $70 each $3.920
$200 per day for food and hotel for 20 days $4.000
25% Reserve and rounding $2.080
Total $10,000

While we will invest money in this project ourselves (i.e. Vincent’s airline flight from Frankfurt to Orlando will be paid on his own funds), we can’t afford to fly up to Catalina Island on our own budget. A coast to coast flight in a small aircraft can generate a lot of public interest and media attention. This is necessary to help us channel that publicity to the values we are striving to defend. This is why we need your help to reach Catalina Island and come back to Daytona Beach.

The very first, conservative version of our budget called for $15,000 Dollars for 4000 miles, leading to a price of $3.75 per mile. The new budget results in a lower price per mile but we stick to the old one for donations. Use the buttons on the right-hand side to buy one, two, five or ten miles for us.

We hope to both reduce this budget and collect more money than we need and make a significant donation to an aviation charity when we return but shhhhh, this is a secret ;-).

If you want to help us but don’t have money to donate, you can contribute in different ways. A significant part of the costs are generated by accommodation. If you leave near our planned route (westward or eastward) and can host us for one night or a dinner, this will reduce the costs to our budget.

You can also support us by spreading the word about our project. Say a word about us to your friend, post a note on your airport’s pin board, write about it in your favorite forums. We have fliers that you can print and distribute: dowlowad a US Letter or a DIN A4 version. If you have a blog, post about it and show a badge or banner on your website.

We are also selling mouse pads and tee-shirts with the wonderful artwork created for us by Kimberly Risley.

We look for FBOs along our route that can facilitate our flight in any way. Any discount on AVGAS, help to find cheaper accommodation or attention from local media when we pass by is great. All partners and patrons are mentioned on this website and we will blog before and during the trip - don’t miss this opportunity to promote your FBO, airport or website.

Any support is welcome. We are happy to evaluate any proposal so don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you have a website or blog, what about putting a banner or badge and link to our website ? Simply copy them from this page and link to Thanks a lot.

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