Flying Across America

Promoting General Aviation

The secret

Our goal with this flight is not only to promote the positive values carried by general aviation, but not only. This is may be naive but we hope to collect more money than we need and to make a significant donation to an aviation oriented charity when we will be back in Daytona Beach.

We can not confirm yet that this will be possible, but we will do all what we can to reduce the costs and to fund as much as we can ourselves. We definitely need your help to attain this extra objective.

No empty promises here - it is clear that your donations will first be used to finance the flight and make us fly as far as we can. Our message is not “pay for our fun, we’ll donate the rest to a charity”. We want to make this flight, promote it, blog about it, and use it as a vector for the values we believe in. We need your help for this very ambitious mission.

If your donations allow for more - and we sincerely hope they will - we will also do more and bring your support to an aviation charity. And if for any reason we had to cancel the flight, be sure that the collected money will be donated to a charity.

Use the buttons on the right-hand side to buy one, two, five or ten miles for us. You can also click here to read more about other ways to support us. Thank you !

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