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General Aviation’s impact on Iowa, via Paul from

Paul Tocknell, from has a fascinating post today about General Aviation’s Impact on Iowa. We won’t reveal all details here - you can read them from Paul’s post - but we have to quote that:

In this report they detail how the aviation industry has a 5.4 Billion dollar impact on that state. Even more interesting is that general aviation accounts for nearly 88% of the aviation activity…88%!

The post also contains an old FAA video called “General Aviation - Fact and Fiction”. It is really worth a look, and not only because it’ll take you back to the “fascinating” fashion trends in the ’90s.

On a more serious note, read the figure again… 5.4 Billion dollar impact, 88% of which is General Aviation. Paul’s post lists how General Aviation is generating this impact. The list contains not less than 14 factors explaining how the state of Iowa profits from the General Aviation industry. Read through it, I’m sure you’ll relate to at least one of them.

When General Aviation is menaced, it is not only a factor for recreational pilots but also for this important part of the economy. Reading the list will also show you all the other parts of the economy which are supported by aviation. This is what we want to promote and defend. Because threats are real, think of user fees and unadapted security rules…

Thank you Paul for this brilliant post.

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