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About the flight

Besides being pilots, we are two active aviation bloggers, sharing our passion online. This is how we initially got in touch. The idea of flying Jason’s aircraft from coast to coast and back popped-up on the 20th of May 2009 during a memorable twitter exchange.

Jason SchappertJason Schappert is a 1500 hour Certified Flight Instructor and was awarded AOPA’s Top Flight Instructor Award at NIFA 2008. He currently works as a flight instructor in the central Florida area and operates Schapp Aviation. You can read more from Jason on There he shares insights and industry secrets on flight training that have helped many students greatly exceed FAA performance and safety requirements.

Jason owns and operates N512R, an IFR equipped Cessna 150. This small two-seater is a famous basic trainer. Many pilots experienced their first flight and earned their license in a Cessna 150. While it’s not very fast, it’s a very economical and reliable airplane. Jason opted to own such a plane because it allows for his students to earn their private pilot license for less than 5.000 dollars ! Aviation is not restricted to the elite and affluent. This is an integral part of our message.

Vincent LambercyVincent Lambercy is a Swiss private pilot, now living near Frankfurt (Germany). He learned to fly in Geneva, Switzerland, where he earned his IFR rating. He has logged more than 360 hours total flight time, of which 100 are IFR. He is rated on single and multi engine piston aircraft. Online, Vincent is also known as PlasticPilot and is a supporter of modern general aviation: FADEC engines, glass-cockpits and composite fuselages. You can read more from him under Professionaly speaking, Vincent is an software engineer, focusing on air traffic control systems.

Now that you are more acquainted with our backgrounds, let us explain our mission to you. We will fly from Daytona Beach, on Florida’s Atlantic coast to Catalina Island, in the Pacific, about 25 miles west of the Californian coastline. Our planned route is Dunnellon - Daytona Beach - Destin - Baton-Rouge - Houston - Sweetwater - El Paso - Tucson - Blythe - Chino - Santa Catalina

On the way home we’ll fly Whiteman - Santa Maria - Las Vegas - Sedona - Dona Ana - Georgetown - Lafayette - Pensacola - Daytona Beach - Dunnellon.

We will organize events at our stops to promote General Aviation and pass our message. Contact us if you’re anywhere near one of our stops and want to meet us or help us with local organization.

So far, the schedule is as follows:

  • 21st of June: Dunnellon - Daytona Beach - Destin
  • 22nd of June: Destin - Baton-Rouge
  • 23rd of June: Baton-Rouge
  • 24th of June: Baton-Rouge - Houston
  • 25th of June: Houston
  • 26th of June: Houston - Beechcraft fly-in at the 1940 AirTerminal Museum
  • 27th of June: Houston - Sweetwater
  • 28th of June: Sweetwater - El-Paso
  • 29th of June: El-Paso - Tucson
  • 30th of June: Tucson - Blythe - Palm Springs - Chino
  • 1st of July: Chino
  • 2nd of July: Chino - Catalina - Whiteman
  • 3rd of July: Whiteman - Santa-Maria
  • 4th of July: Santa-Maria - Las Vegas
  • 5th of July: Las Vegas
  • 6th of July: Las Vegas - Sedona
  • 7th of July: Sedona - Dona Ana
  • 8th of July: Dona Ana - Cavern City
  • 9th of July: Cavern City - Big Spring
  • 10th of July: Big Spring - Georgetown
  • 11th of July: Georgetown - Lafayette
  • 12th of July: Lafayette - Pensacola
  • 13th of July: Pensacola - Dunnellon

Flying Across America Plane

We think that a European pilot and an American flight instructor flying together across America in this legendary plane to promote general aviation is really exciting. If you do also, please support us.

Use the buttons on the right-hand side to buy one, two, five or ten miles for us. You can also click here to read more about other ways to support us. Thank you !

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